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Garlic Solutions

Natural, unpeeled garlic cloves

Individual garlic cloves in their natural peel, presorted to size. Always in stock for immediate delivery, with conditioned transport throughout Europe.

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Supply of garlic cloves

Garlic Solutions sells and supplies natural, unpeeled garlic cloves to wholesalers, supermarkets and for subscription food boxes. We can both supply on a contract basis and take individual orders, and we deliver quickly from our own stocks. Our standard delivery time is 2 to 3 business days, depending on contract terms, order size and garlic variety.

Knoflooktenen transport

Handling and conditions during transport are a vital link in preserving the high quality of our garlic cloves. That's why we take care of the transport for you. To ensure timely delivery with preservation of quality, we work only with specially selected and certified partners for shipments throughout the whole of Europe

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Purchase and sale of all garlic bulb varieties

To ensure fast and flexible delivery of our garlic cloves, Garlic Solutions maintains stocks of high-quality dried garlic bulbs. These stocks are processed and supplemented daily from our own suppliers. All suppliers are carefully selected on the basis of our extensive knowledge of garlic varieties. This enables Garlic Solutions to break and supply garlic bulbs of all varieties.

Garlic processing

All over the world, wherever garlic is processed, the breaking of bulbs into individual unpeeled cloves is carried out by hand. That makes it a labour-intensive and therefore expensive process. Garlic Solutions, however, has perfected a semi-mechanised alternative. As well as breaking the garlic bulbs, we also sort the cloves into the right size for use. Now, you need never again break garlic bulbs by hand – simply order ready- to-use natural, unpeeled garlic cloves from Garlic Solutions.

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Use natural, unpeeled garlic cloves

Unpeeled garlic cloves are essential in subscription food boxes and fresh meal kits sold at supermarkets and greengrocers. For consumers, individual garlic cloves are a great alternative to buying whole bulbs, also reducing food waste. Of the whole bulbs still sold by many shops today, on average 70% to 85% is thrown away. That makes individual garlic cloves a valuable addition to any product range.


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Garlic cloves from Garlic Solutions

Are completely separated from the rest of the bulb.

Are intact and unblemished.

Are completely enclosed in their own peel, ensuring longer shelf life.

Come presorted in the right size.

Why garlic cloves from Garlic Solutions?

Saves costs as you buy only what you need.

Saves time as there's no breaking by hand.

Orders can be adjusted for recipe or meal kit requirements.

Reduces food waste.

Strong, with a long shelf life.

Ready to use and presorted in the right size.

Meets consumer demand.

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About us

Garlic Solutions

Established in 2015, Garlic Solutions is a company that specialises in breaking garlic bulbs. With the supply of natural, unpeeled garlic cloves offering the perfect solution to the labour-intensive process of breaking bulbs by hand, demand for our product has soared. To keep pace with this growing demand, in early 2018 the company relocated to a larger production facility in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands. At present, Garlic Solutions produces and supplies more than a million garlic cloves a week to customers throughout the whole of the EU.

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